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Strategy, Trivia, Action, Quiz, LOADED with games!   

 Each Megatouch Model features different games. Play games like Monster Madness, 11-Up, Funky Monkey, Tri-Towers, Trip Flip and more.

Megatouch Games offered:

Megatouch Maxx $1000. - w/o dbv - $1300. w/ dbv
Megatouch Maxx Diamond $1200. - w/o dbv - $1500. w/ dbv
Megatouch Maxx Emerald  $1500. - w/o dbv - $1800. w/ dbv
Megatouch EVO $1995. - w/o dbv - $2295. w/ dbv
Megatouch ION $2500. - w/o dbv - $2800. w/ dbv
Megatouch Aurora $2750. - w/o dbv - $3050. w/ dbv
     dbv = dollar bill validator


Megatouch 5:  Solitaire, Power Solitaire, Run 21, Quick Match, Draw Poker, Match 'em up, Quint-zee, Mega Mind, Four Play Trivia      Whiz, Phraze Craze, Trivia Twister, Memoree, Super 7 Stud, Horses, Roll the Dice, Conquest

Megatouch XL:  Run 21, Royal Flash, Trivia Whiz, Memoree, Tri-Towers, Four Play, Conquest, Strip Club, Poker, 11 Up, Mystery Phrase, Hoop Jones, Zip 21, Checkerz, Quik Match, Power Solitaire, Pix Mix, Photo Hunt, Great Solitaire, Match'em Up

XL 5000: (new games include:) Quik Cell, Tai-Play, Puck Shot, Take 2, Pile On, Double Solitaire, Chug 21, 11 Ball, Merry Maidens, Funky Monkey, plus updated trivia, phrases, and photos

XL 6000: (new games include:) Hooter, Trip-Flip, Tennis Ace, Route 66, Super Route 66, Fastlane, 3 Blind Mice, plus updated trivia

Super XL 5000:  (new games include:)  Power Trivia, plus updated trivia and photos

Megatouch Gold:  (new games include:)  Monster Madness, Wild Apes, Airshot, Wild 8s, Snapshot, plus updated trivia, phrases, and photos

Megatouch XL Platinum:  (new games include:)  Outer Spades, Boxxi, Foxy Boxxi, Jumble Safari, Crazy Hearts, Euchre Nights, Moondrop, Pile High, plus updated trivia, phrases, and photos.

Megatouch Maxx:  Great Solitaire, 11 Up, Royal Flash, Run 21, Take 2, Pile On, Trip-Flip, Power Solitaire, Double Solitaire, Tri-towers, Quik Cell, Strip Club Poker, Zip 21, Hoop Jones, Tennis Ace, Lookout, MGA Golf, Puck Shot, Hooter, Mega-link Trivia, Power Trivia, Route 66, Super Route 66, Puck Shot, 3 Blind Mice, Fastlane, Photo Hunt, Pix Mix, Snapshot, Mystery Phraze, Trivia Whiz, Funky Monkey, 11 Ball, Merry Maidens, Conquest, Checkerz, Fourplay, Match'em Up, Memoree, Quik Match, Tai-Play, Monster Madness

Maxx 2K: (new games include:)  Wild 8s, QB Zone, Airshot, GO-O-O-A-L!, Pharaohs 9, Wild Apes, plus updated trivia, phrases, and photos.

Maxx 2K Plus: (new games include:) Jumble Safari, Quintree, plus updated trivia, phrases, photos, and Strip Club Poker.

Maxx Diamond: (new games include:) Moon Drop, Boxxi, Foxy Boxxi, Outer Spades, Crazy Hearts, Euchre Nights, Pile High, Astro Joe, Quiz Show, plus updated trivia, phrases, and photos

Maxx Emerald:  (new games include:) Speed Draw, Chip Away, Backjammin, Quik Chess, Battle 31, Snubbel, Gender Bender, Box Glide

Megatouch ION: (new games include): Chug Monkey, Coco Loco, Draggle Drop, Hollywood Match, Luxor, Office Bash, Pack Rabbit, Texas Hold' Em 3, Tuxedo Run, UNO, Breakin' Bricks, Chip Away, Lookout, Vinci Ball & updated trivia & photos.

Megatouch Aurora: (new games include): Avalanche Jack, Chainz 2: Puzzler, Deflection, Lucky 11's, My Ex, Skee Ball, Spider Kings, Super Boxxi, Super Cell Chaos, Triple Crown Boxing, Trivia Whiz 2, & updated trivia & photos.


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